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Yamaha?s tiny wireless guitar amp gets everything right but the price

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The Global Score is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points (such as critic and user reviews).With the original THR line of guitar amps, Yamaha basically invented a new product category: the connected desktop amplifier. So Yamaha announced the THR II in September with new features, new amp models and a rich new app in the hopes of not only keeping pace but also showing the competition it's still the benchmark for tiny amps.The THR10 II Wireless shows that Yamaha is still a pioneer in the desktop-guitar-amp space. Switching to Brit Hi or Modern on the THR10 always results in a compressed mess with half the volume of the other amp models. Big deal, right?Well, beyond still offering some of the best tones you can get without waking a light-sleeping baby, the THR has a number of features that help elevate it above your standard practice amp. On the original THR you could capture both the affected tone running through all of Yamaha's amp and effect simulations and a dry tone without any of that simultaneously. Or tone controls on the delay.Inside the app you also have access to 10 additional amp models that simply don't exist on the original THR. Plus, now you can stream music from your phone to the amp via bluetooth to practice or jam alongside.The THR10 II Wireless is an undeniably feature-packed and worthy successor to the beloved original THR line. But the base-model $300 THR10 II lacks many of the more unique features that help the line stand out.

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