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?Yellowjackets? Season Finale Review

Tawny Cypress
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Shannon Keating
Scaachi Koul
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Melanie Lynskey
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(L-R): Melanie Lynskey as Shauna, Tawny Cypress as Taissa, Juliette Lewis as Natalie and Christina Ricci as Misty in YELLOWJACKETS.Scaachi Koul: Should we talk about the most important part first: How did we feel about everyone’s high school reunion looks?Elamin Abdelmahmoud: With all due respect to Shauna’s new dress and Taissa’s catwalk, it was, in fact, Misty’s look that carried the day. The little evil glance Tai gives as she is crowned the winner of the election, the cut to the head of the dog, the way it’s Misty and Van behind Lottie in the flashback scene as she gently sets the heart of the bear down? Or at the very least: She might not be the ally Shauna thinks she is.One of the show’s greatest mysteries is whether the girls in the woods are spiraling into a death cult because they’re so severely traumatized, or they’re being haunted by sinister and potentially supernatural forces — or, what I feel is most likely after that finale, some combination of the two. It really didn’t seem, initially, that she knew that she, I dunno, ate that fucking dog.I think it seems clear that the girls are indeed dealing with something supernatural here, even if a lot of it is being guided by Lottie, who turned out to be…a lot.Here’s another question: Where is grown-up Van? And she’s still alive in the present day, and probably killed Travis?!Elamin, I think you’re totally spot-on that there’s another modern-day cult who are trying to re-create whatever happened out there in the woods. Presumably that’s where adult Natalie is getting dragged off to at the end.Elamin: In many ways, I think this is the success of the show: It is so sick and yet so inviting for audiences to have any number of theories on what they just saw. I thought it was interesting, the way the show was talking about trauma and how it manifests, and I was thinking that was the cause for these girls (and later, women) experiencing such strangeness and spookiness.I wonder where those cult followers are taking poor Juliette Lewis, whom I love very much.What do you guys think about the Travis thread? And why??Scaachi: Any thoughts for what we might get in Season 2?Elamin: Judging by Shauna’s baby bump, it has been about four months since the crash, and we’re already at “let’s get high on shrooms and attempt a murder.” They spent 19 months in the wilderness.Shannon: Oh my god, there’s so much time left.

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