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You're still you when you're drunk, science says

University of Bradford
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Kathryn Francis


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In turns out that while consuming alcohol might affect our empathy, making us respond inappropriately to other people’s emotions and reactions, this doesn’t necessarily change our moral standards, or the principles we use to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.In a recent experiment, we gave participants shots of vodka and then measured their empathy and their moral decisions. The more intoxicated people were, the more impaired their empathy became – having a few drinks weakened people’s abilities to understand and share the emotions of others.In the experiment, people were asked to wear virtual reality headsets to make a moral decision within a simulation. If people refused to sacrifice the person’s life in the same situation because they believed that killing was wrong regardless of the consequences, they also did the same when drunk.It turns out that while we might believe that alcohol changes our personalities, it doesn’t. So while alcohol might affect how we interpret and understand the emotions of other people, we can’t blame our immoral behaviors on alcohol.Drunken you has the same moral compass.

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