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Youngkin, Hogan ask Justice Dept. to halt protests at justices? homes

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“We’re impotent and this is really all we got other than praying that people vote in November.”The two governors — both potential 2024 Republican presidential contenders — said the protests were something for President Biden’s Justice Department to address, citing a federal statute outlawing demonstrations intended to influence a judge’s pending decision.“It is in your hands to ensure that applicable federal law is enforced to preserve the integrity of our American judicial system and the safety of our citizens,” they wrote.Several protesters outside Kavanaugh’s home on Wednesday night rejected the premise of the governors’ letter.“I don’t think a bunch of neighbors walking by with candles is going to change Kavanaugh’s mind — or endanger him,” said Lynn Kanter, who walked five blocks from her house to join, carrying a small sign that read, “Keep your bans and your hands to yourself.”Yes, experts say protests at SCOTUS justices’ homes appear to be illegal“It’s absolutely hypocritical,” she said of the notion that the justices should be afforded an extra measure of privacy, “because the Supreme Court wants to have domain over women’s uteruses and yet the sidewalk in front of their homes is somehow sacred ground.”Protesters started gathering outside the homes of Alito, Kavanaugh and his neighbor, Chief Justice John G. “It says clearly in the federal statute that this is wrong, and the attorney general needs to enforce it.”Justice Department spokesman Anthony Coley said in a statement Wednesday that Garland was monitoring the situation and had “directed the U.S. Marshals Service to help ensure the Justices’ safety by providing additional support to the Marshal of the Supreme Court and Supreme Court Police.”Outside Kavanaugh’s home, a neighbor rallies for abortion rightsHogan’s spokesman said the governors hoped publicizing their request would expedite a resolution for both law enforcement and neighbors of the justices, given that these protests appear likely to continue at least until the court issues a final abortion decision.“The public needs to understand this is going to be an ongoing issue in the weeks ahead and we want to make sure that there is a plan in place,” Hogan spokesman Michael Ricci said.On Fox, Youngkin noted that Virginia State Police “are at the ready” to help federal marshals and local law enforcement.

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